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Monitoring and Evaluation

considers failure to learn from past mistakes because of not monitoring as a sign of organizational inefficiency. On the other hand we use evaluation to compare actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans.

Change management/Systems structuring

Success in change implementation hinges on individual perceptions about the manner in which the process is handled and direction and ultimate benefits of the change.

Training and Development

Training should not be restricted to knowledge of the job only. It should cover many areas of business to enable idea generation.

Corporate Social Investment

It helps organizations to come up corporate social investment initiatives.This is one area which is very vital for positive publicity


I a business oriented and i offer a broad portfolio of business strategy, planning and training in technology, products, & solutions to my clients.

business coaching

Communication and transparency are important in motivating individuals who will operate within the changed environment.

business consulting

The only way up is to get the right consultancy on your side i have assisted in many business modelling from a young age and i can help you as well.

Events & Trainings

I have share stages with a number of speakers and i also conduct personal training to all my clients employees and Management 

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